It might be the world’s best airport, going by a survey of passengers published by Skytrax, but workers at Changi in Singapore still need a bit of extra help cooling off inside the sprawling five-terminal hub.

Changi’s management is providing “refresh pods” for the 30,000 workers at the airport, some of whom have to operate outdoors in the scorching south-east Asian heat, where temperatures are usually in the 30s and where the weather veers from scorching sun to muggy grey to epic thunderstorm.

In the pods, “cool air is blown and circulated within the pod, at the easy touch of a button”, the airport announced, adding that patrons “may use it to cool down or dry themselves when caught in wet weather conditions.”

The 2.5-metre-tall pods are being stationed at “various staff rest areas” and are part of a wider push by the airport to make employers and workers better-aware of the need to manage exposure to heat.

Changi’s management is bringing in the local Raffles Medical Group to inform companies operating at the airport about heat stroke and first aid.

“The risk of heat related illness is higher for airside workers, compared to those who work in an indoor settings,” said  Sharen Tian, a doctor with Raffles.

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