“I Escaped the Janjaweed, but we have no protection here” – The Irish Catholic

FATA BORNO — Harian Abdullah was on her way to the wadi about a half a mile from Fata Borno camp for displaced people in Darfur. “Like all the women here, I have to go to collect firewood so we can cook and have light in the camp. I walk there most days to get some fuel. Two days ago, I was on my way down to the trees”, she says, pointing towards a green oasis about half-way between her shelter and the nearby clinic where GOAL provides healthcare and nutrition services to the camp-dwellers. “It was not yet dark. I saw five men moving out from near the trees. I stopped for one moment as I did not recognise them. They were about 500 meters away. I turned and ran back. They ran as well, but stopped soon afterward once I got close to the camp.”