Airbus test-flies tablet-controlled helicopter taxi – dpa international

As one of the world’s ‘big two’ aircraft suppliers along with Boeing, Toulouse-based Airbus is aiming to be a frontrunner in the air taxi industry with its City Airbus NextGen, which it says is “an all-electric, four-seat vertical take-off and landing (eVTOL) prototype.” In its latest development aimed at getting the NextGen off the ground, Airbus flew one using a tablet. The successful test saw the NextGen flying “fully automated from lift-off, taxi, takeoff, cruise, approach and then landing during a one hour test flight by following a predefined route.”

After Airbus bribery claims, Air Asia shares bumped by Mahathir – dpa international

Tony Fernandes of Air Asia at the World Economic Forum in Myanmar n mid-2013 (Simon Roughneen)

KUALA LUMPUR — Shares in budget airline Air Asia rebounded to 1.25 ringgit (0.30 dollars) after comments on Thursday by Malaysian Prime Minister Mahathir Mohamad about recent bribery allegations involving aircraft maker Airbus. Mahathir, 94, said that it was “normal” in deal-making to ask for an “offset” and that such arrangements were not corrupt unless money was taken for personal use. “Whether you consider an offset as bribery, it is up to you,” Mahathir told reporters after a meeting at the Education Ministry. Shares in the Malaysia-based airline, a household name across Asia, dropped from 1.41 to 1.13 ringgit on Wednesday after it was caught up in allegations that Toulouse-based Airbus bribed its officials to secure aircraft sales.