A decade on, Aceh looks forward, not back – Nikkei Asian Review

BANDA ACEH – If Bali-style hedonism is out of the question for Aceh, visitors might be drawn by what locals are calling “disaster tourism.” That means promoting the region’s stirring tsunami memorials — such as the imposing PLTD Apung, the Tsunami Museum, with its dank and sheer water tunnel, designed to mimic the soaring tsunami waves, and the disaster research center, which doubles as an evacuation tower and sits near a mass grave holding the remains of almost 15,000 tsunami victims. Reminders of the tsunami dot Banda Aceh, ensuring that although the disaster happened a decade ago, memories remain poignantly and ominously vivid in the minds of survivors.

After losing Presidential election, Prabowo asserts control in parliament – The Edge Review

JAKARTA – Last week’s vote by Indonesian MPs to scrap direct elections for local government heads has roused concerns about the future of Indonesia’s electoral system. “The new law will destroy our right to choose our leader of local government,” said Robert Endi Jaweng, who is backing a move to have the new law reviewed by the Constitutional Court.